PUPPIES ARRIVED JULY 10, 2019 - all currently sold.


Puppy information

Two LUA brothers from "Spot N my Heart Dalmatians". CH Nika Camp BCAT  X CH Nu Piece of My Heart

We do not produce many litters and each litter is is carefully planned, so for this reason we encourage those interested in a puppy to complete an application (at the bottom of this page). Once completed you will be contacted and added to our wait list.

Applicants will be split into multiple categories based on preferences of spotting/color/gender. After the puppies are a few weeks old, we will contact those that have a puppy match based on preference. The order we contact applicants is based on preference(s), and also the order we received your application submission. 

Once contacted you will be permitted to submit a non-refundable deposit. This deposit will reserve The puppy and be applied  towards the overall purchase price. 

Our puppies are not raised in kennels, but in a loving home. We  cuddle and handle them on a daily basis.

We do NOT refund deposits if you change your mind, or purchase a puppy with another breeder.


Puppies that exhibit potential for future breeding, and/or show quality, will be sold on a co-ownership contract. Puppies that will NOT be used as part of a breeding program will be sold on a spay/neuter contract and with Limited AKC Registration.

Pet Contract $1,500

Under the pet contract the puppy will be sold outright  (not under co-ownership) with limited AKC Registration, with the requirement that the puppy will be spayed or neutered at the appropriate age (not to exceed 18 months), and never bred.

Co-Ownership $1,500

These are usually show prospect puppies. They will remain your pet, but will be co-owned with the breeder. The goal is to provide the puppy a loving great home, but also compete on the occasion in AKC events such as conformation. Once mature they will be considered to be bred to further the breeding program.

What to expect with each puppy

Lifetime Breeders Assistance

Every litter and puppy is carefully planned and thought of. With that said we are here for the life of the dog. At any point you have questions or need guidance we encourage you to contact us. We want to see each puppy healthy, happy and well cared for.

Removal of Dewclaws

The practice to remove dewclaws is to prevent future injuries as they can sometimes get caught on fences or other objects later in life. The procedure is quick and the young growing puppies heal fast. It’s not uncommon for them to fall asleep just minutes after the procedure. 

Tested for Low Uric Acid Gene

Depending on the breeding pair. The puppies will have a varying  50% - 100% chance of acquiring the LUA gene, and for this reason they will be tested for the gene at three weeks of age. The results of this test will be sent home with the puppy.

BAER Hearing Tested

Dalmatians are prone to being deaf in one or both ears, so for this reason all puppies will be tested using Brainstem Auditory Evoked Responce (BAER). This test will be done between 5-7 weeks of age. The results will be disclosed right away, and included in the puppy pack. 

In the unlikelihood the puppy of your choice is deaf in BOTH ears we will allow one of the following:  

1) Move your deposit to a hearing puppy.  

2) Refund your deposit  

3) Or if you're suitable for a deaf puppy and willing to adopt it we will discount the price.


For the safety of our puppies and purpose of recording health tests, all puppies will be microchipped. We use NanoChip as it is six times smaller than the standard chip. With active registration the company provides the owners with great benefits should the puppy be lost such as: 24/7 Lost Pet Alerts, Customized Lost Pet Posters, $500 Return Flight, $1,000 Vet Bill Assistance, and most importantly,  the chip is universal, meaning any chip reader can detect and read the chip.

AKC Registration

When picking up your puppy at 8-9 weeks old we will not only sit down with you and register your puppy online, but also pay for the Basic Registration. Maybe you just want a companion, but puppies are blank slates. As time goes on aspirations change. You may want to show off your amazing puppy and compete in the world of AKC events. Even if you never thought about it, don’t rule out the countless events and Titles AKC offers.

Age Appropriate Vaccinations

Puppies will be given their first round of shots prior to leaving. Vaccination records will go with the puppy to insure that their new vet knows exactly when and what vaccines they had.

Puppy Bag

◦A small bag of puppy food 

◦Puppy leash        

◦Puppy Collar        

◦Blanket with their mothers scent to help with crate training       

◦Vaccination Records        

◦Pedigree Records       

◦Lastly, a toy that the puppy has already taken a liking to.

Puppy Application

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"A dog may only be here for a fraction of your life (10-14 years), but to the dog it will be a his whole life."   -Unknown        

"Dogs are the only animal on earth that love you more than they love themselves."  -Unknown